Nipples & Ninjas

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Further investigation into the phenomenon known as "The Third Nipple":
Cancer Hope Over Breast Gene Find

The discovery of a gene involved in breast development may help in the fight against cancer, scientists say.

The gene - named Scaramanga after the three-nippled James Bond villain in The Man With The Golden Gun - was found by an Institute of Cancer Research team.


When an embryo is developing, the formation of organs is tightly controlled by specific genes. This process controls the development of two breasts in humans, but sometimes something goes wrong and leads to
fewer, extra or misplaced breasts and nipples.

One in 18 people has an extra nipple, which can look like freckles or moles.
So. Interesting article. Now, what stood out to me first was the fact that third nipples can look like "freckles or moles". Hypothetically, then, quite a few of those "1 in 18" might not even realize they are a part of this mystical (and elite) team of Third Nipple Warrior Ninjas (rumour has it having extra nipples gives one super-human abilities, which are often exploited by mystical ninja gangs--see Real Ultimate Power for more information on this topic).

But what stood out to me after closer inspection was that apparently having a third nipple is the least of ones concern. In fact, some people have "fewer, extra or misplaced breasts and nipples". 'Misplaced breasts?' I will never be able to watch the Hunchback of Notre Dame again.

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