"Tag! You're Strange!"

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Apparently I've been tagged. I'm supposed to write five strange things I do and pass it on. Okee dokee. Let's see.

Five Strange Things I Do
1. I tie my shoelaces with two 'bunny ears'. I actually have no idea how to tie them any other way.
2. When I hang posters up, I use a tape measure to make sure they are spaced evenly.
3. I collect toys.
4. I sometimes burst into song, making up lyrics as I go. Other times I will repeat what other people are saying in song form.
5. I laugh at very inappropriate times, especially tense/stressful/shocking moments.

Now I get to 'tag' five other people. So I tag, well, Stop Five Records first of all, Steph, Zenon, Mark, and Sha.

The end.

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